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Today the majority of businesses are dependent on the internet. With a strong internet connection, SMEs are exploring rather creating a world of opportunities for them. When it comes to a secure and strong connection, leased internet deserves some words.

What is the meaning of a leased line connection?

Leased line refers to a dedicated communication channel that easily interconnects two or more sites. Actually, it is a service contract between a provider and a customer. This dedicated line ensures continuous data flow from one point to another for a fixed monthly rate. Leased line usage is popular in data, internet, and telephone services. Leased line connection depends on fiber optic cable in order to provide high-quality bandwidth and speed.

Generally, the leased line used for-

  • Carry phone calls
  • Link servers and PCs in different offices
  • To connect to the internet
  • Make it possible for staffs to their work PCs from home

What is a fiber leased line? What are its advantages?

A leased-line is also known as a fiber leased line. It is a dedicated fiber-optic service and connects directly to the premises. A leased line can directly connect to the public internet through a dedicated fiber optic cable. Here you do not need to share the infrastructure. Fiber leased line is there solely for the purpose of serving you and it is not shared with any other individual or user. The speed of RimsoNet leased line ranges from 2 Mbps to 30 Mbps.

Advantages of fiber leased line-

  • Faster connection speed
  • Easy access to cloud computing
  • Stronger signal
  • Low latency
  • Symmetrical speed
  • High security
  • Cost-effective
  • Capability for HD video